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Aims & Objectives


1.     To facilitate and increase the contribution of women to public life in Northern Ireland.

2.     To promote equality of opportunity for women in all aspects of life.

3.     To encourage debate on issues of public welfare, especially those affecting women and their families.

4.     To promote and strengthen links between voluntary organisations.

5.     To attempt to ensure that women’s interests are taken into account in all policy making.

6.     To encourage affirmative action by Government to put women on equal terms within society.

7.     To scrutinise proposed changes in legislation to examine their impact on women.

8.     To strengthen and develop relationships within the community.

9.     To motivate and activate members to achieve change in society.

10.   To be an anti-sectarian organisation.

11.   To provide a forum for frank and open discussion on matters of interest and concern to constituent women’s organisations.

12.   To provide Government with advice on relevant issues.



1.     Through co-operation and co-ordination, to strengthen links between women’s groups, while also attempting to expand membership which is truly representative of women’s organisations in the Province.

2.     By providing a forum for the expression and exchange of views, to formulate policy statements and act as a conduit to Government, both national and local.

3.     Through planning and training, to equip women for service in public life, thus ensuring that women’s interests will be taken into account in all policy making.

4.     Through the production of discussion papers, to bring about the effective management of change.

5.     Through effective public relations, to raise the profile of Women’s Forum and to extend and develop relationships with the external agencies and within the community.

6.     Through consultation, scrutiny, debate and policy-making, to formulate responses to proposed changes in legislation, ensuring that these reflect the views of the membership.

7.     Through the study of research publications and contact with the relevant personnel from the agencies, to promote the climate in which women may gain equality of opportunity and treatment (e.g. in employment and in public appointments).

8.     Through encouraging Government to take effective action, to facilitate the implementation of a national agenda for women.

9.     Through a programme of planned events, to motivate members to seek to achieve change in society.

10.   By means of a Development Plan, to produce the necessary strategies to take the Forum forward.

11.   By facilitating the celebration of success, to encourage optimism, highlight the positive and increase hope in our society.

12.   Through fund-raising and the effective management of finances, to enable action to be taken to further the aims of Women’s Forum.

13.   Through regular assessment, review and revision of the constitution, to provide realistic and workable structures which enable the Mission Statement of the Forum to be achieved.

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